GUSSFIX-HAF is the most economical solution because only one person is required to perform the repair. Moreover, the main ingredient of HAF is mastic asphalt.

GUSSFIX-HAF makes the repair job much longer lasting (careful estimate: four to five times longer) than regular repair. The materials used so far either last for only a short period of time or they contain epoxy materials which cannot form a genuine bond with the damaged area.

GUSSFIX-HAF material can be adjusted to the surounding surface by adding coloured chippings so that the previously damaged area is hardly noticeable after repair.

GUSSFIX-HAF material can be subjected to traffic or other stresses within 10-30 minutes after incorporation.

GUSSFIX-HAF is a time and cost-effective alternative to classic repair where the damaged area needs to be enlarged by cutting, milling or hoeing. With GUSSFIX-HAF it is sufficient to simply fill the dry, clean and swept hole to compact the material.


GUSSFIX-HAF (grain size): 0/5
One of our most innovative products


  1. No solvents
  2. Has no health risk
  3. European & USA Patent
  4. Resistant to deformation
  5. Meets with german regulations
  6. Is most economical, needing only one person to perform a repair task
  7. Offers the possibility to repair damaged areas quickly and in high quality
  1. Corresponds to German standards
  2. Non-porous thermoplastic asphalt
  3. Used immediately in the form of granules
  4. Internationally tested on various race tracks
  5. Has no expiry date; it can be stored for an unlimited time
  6. Is supplied in the form of granules in 16-kg re-sealable containers